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HMXLive, the production arm of Harvest Productions, is an event management and production company headquartered in Kansas City. We have been producing events across the country and around the globe for over thirty years. 


Our team specializes in designing and producing events, from intimate experiences to performing arts to continuing education with a global reach.

We love live events! We love events with people

That said, rest assured, in addition to live events, we have also been streaming events for over a decade. So, let us know if you want to be live AND stream to your co-workers, wherever they are in the world.


The pandemic increased our collective global reach. Now, more than ever, we can connect you to your clients wherever you might be. Whether originating from a convention center, your corporate offices, or our studios, we are here to ensure your event goes seamlessly.


Live, pre-recorded, or in front of a studio audience- we are here for you.

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