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Being a long-standing pillar of excellence in the fine arts community in Kansas City, it is no surprise that The Kansas City Symphony strives for the best quality in every production they host and perform. 

Originally forming as an organization in 1982, The Kansas City Symphony has seen many changes throughout the years, producing large-scale events in environments ranging from the sweeping Flint Hills of Kansas, to the prestigious Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. 

General Manager Emma Kail and Artistic Production Director, Rebecca Martin, have had a rich career and history with The Kansas City Symphony, and have loved seeing it evolve with its audience through the years.

"Consistency is huge when performers come into the space and perform with the symphony," says Rebecca.

"They need to know that they will receive top-quality production services, and then they will pass along their trust to our team."

The Kansas City Symphony moved into the beautiful Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts into 2011, securing a new space to rehearse and perform. HMXLive, a unit of Harvest Productions, has been the in house audio/visual provider since the building’s open, and has partnered with The Kansas City Symphony since 1991.

Emma Kail says it is trusted relationships that allow her to delegate and manage her team well, leading to the success of the Symphony’s performances and events. 

“You have to have people who have your back, and know how important the goal is and be able to carry that through.” says Emma. 

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